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With years of experience in material sourcing and construction, our team brings unique insight to each project. From design and material expertise to creative delivery options, we are revolutionizing material sourcing from design to delivery.

Haack, Nate.jpg

Nate Haack

Vice President

Erstad, Cheri.jpg

Cheri Erstad


Reh, Jordan.jpg

Jordan Reh

Senior Account Manager


Jackson Pattermann

Product Manager, Lighting

Olson, Alissa.jpg

Alissa Olson

Product Manager, Flooring + Tile

Bluvera Headshots-1527.jpg

Sarah Daly

Account Specialist

Possley, Katie.jpg

Katie Possley

Product Manager, Lighting

Richerson, Nichole.jpg

Nichole Richerson

Product Specialist, Lighting

Truong, Tony.jpg

Tony Truong

Product Manager, Doors + Hardware

Seth Roecker.png

Seth Roecker

Product Manager, Metals

Miller, Ashley.jpg

Ashley Miller

Account Specialist

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